Global has developed strategic alliances with several reputable waste management and recycling facilities that are capable of handling all types of hazardous and industrial wastes.  We work with each customer and assist in accurately characterizing and profiling each waste stream. Our technical staff reviews each waste material profile to determine the best waste disposal and/or treatment method with the most appropriate disposal facility.  Global has developed a network of recycling,storage, treatment  and disposal  facilities that are capable of handling the following common waste streams:

  • Bulk and Containerized Hazardous and Industrial Waste
  • Industrial Waste Water
  • Universal Waste (Lamps, Batteries, and Mercury Devices)
  • Cooling Tower Sludge/Sediment
  • PCB Wastes
  • Waste Oils and Petroleum Liquids
  • Hazardous Waste Fuels
  • Spent Solvents, Paints and Flammables
  • Petroleum Contaminated Soils, Debris and Pads

Waste  Treatment and disposal methods include:

  • Incineration or Thermal Treatment
  • Stabilization and/or Landfill
  • Direct Landfill
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Landfill Cover